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The Delinqent and the Over-acheiver
Oh my God, this show actually surprised me. DOES NOT COMPUTE. 
10th-Dec-2009 09:32 pm

Duncan just won Total Drama Action.

11th-Dec-2009 02:44 pm (UTC)
Holy Crap YES!

Maybe he won because of personality? I know he's crass and a jerk but he's never really lied about not being what he is. He came on the first episode of the first season and said 'hey this is what I am. Know what to expect from me in advance.' and I don't think he ever really deviated from that mind set. He also knew how to 'play the game' He would form alliances when he had to, he competed well in challenges and there were a few occasions when the other teens could see that the 'tough guy' he makes himself appear to be is a mask.

Those are my thoughts on his win. I need to catch up on the last few of the season now! They've been programmed into my DVR for a while now.
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