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Mindless Indulgence : A Duncan/Courtney LJ Community

The Delinqent and the Over-acheiver

Mindless Indulgence: A Duncan x Courtney Community
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Duncan, Courtney, Duncan/Courtney, DuncanxCourtney, Total Drama Island, TDI, Community

Mindless Indulgence : A Duncan x Courtney Community
Welcome to LJ's first and only community dedicated to the pairing of Duncan/Courtney, from FreshTV's animated-reality show spoof, Total Drama Island.

Here you may meet/interact with other D/C shippers, share and talk about the pairing and the show, post your fanfictions/fanart/icons/music videos/etc., and about everything else D/C-related.

If your a fan of the pairing, please don't hesitate to join! If not, stick around and explore abit? Who knows, maybe you'll end up falling for their charm too. ;P

♥ Please keep fanfictions and large/multiple files under a LJ-cut.
♥ Please refrain from bashing of any character/pairing.
♥ Respect your moderators and fellow members.
♥ Have fun and try your best to be active~!

Affiliates + Links
♥ Official Total Drama Island Blogspot

♥ The Delinquent and the Over-Acheiver : A FF.net C2 Community

♥ Duncan/Courtney Club on Deviantart

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